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The Secrets of Power Negotiating

This is one of the largest selling business cassette albums ever published, with sales of over $38 million. Roger Dawson helps you learn what influences people, and how to recognize and adjust to different negotiating styles, so you can get what you want regardless of the situation. Also, you'll learn: A new way of pressuring people without confrontation. The one unconscious decision you must never make in a negotiation. Why saying yes too soon is always a mistake. How to gather the information you need without the other side knowing. The three stages that terrorist negotiators use to defuse crisis situations, and much more.

6 hour audio program. Available on CD only.
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Power Negotiating for Salespeople

This program which supplements and enhances Roger Dawson's famous generic negotiating program The Secrets of Power Negotiating, teaches salespeople how to negotiate with buyers and get higher prices without having to give away such extras as terms, freight, installation and training. It's the most in-depth program ever created for selling at higher prices than your competition and still maintaining long-term relationships with your customers. Guaranteed to dramatically improve your profit margins or your money back.

6 hour audio program. Available on CD only.
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The Secrets of Power Persuasion

In this remarkable program, Roger Dawson shows you the strategies and tactics that will enable you to persuade people in virtually any situation. You'll discover why credibility and above all consistency are the cornerstones of getting what you want. You'll learn verbal persuasion techniques that defuse resistance and demonstrate the validity of your thinking. Step by step, you'll learn to develop an overwhelming aura of personal charisma that will naturally cause people to like you, respect you, and gladly agree with you. It's just a matter of mastering the specific techniques that Roger Dawson presents in a highly entertaining manner.

6 hour audio program. Available on CD only.
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Confident Decision Making

Decisions are the building blocks of your life. The decisions you've made have given you everything you now have. The decisions you'll make from this point on will be responsible for everything that happens to you for the rest of your life. You'll learn: How to quickly and accurately categorize your decision. How to expand your options with a ten-step creative thinking process. How to harness the power of synergism with "Huddling" skills. How to know exactly what and how your boss or customer will decide, and dozens more powerful techniques.

6 hour audio program. Available on CD only.
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The Secrets of Power Performance

In this program you’ll discover dozens of tested techniques and proven-in-action strategies that show you how to: Unleash the “hidden energy” that propels you to do more and accomplish more. Overcome all the obstacles standing in the way of success. Make better use of the time you have and not waste a minute. Realize that you are the one in control, not other people or situations. Turn fear into fortune; eliminate inertia and anxiety. Create the opportunities that could help you get whatever you want. Break the negative habits and behaviors that can be holding you back from achieving your best.

6 hour audio program. Available on CD only.
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